Downing Street scrambling to nix toxic link to Panama Papers

LONDON  – The Panama Papers might as well be called the papers of political demise. Last night, politician George Osbourne was grilled in a televised ITV interview about his own financial arrangements, just days, after it emerged of pretty serious links between David Cameron and an offshore fund..

Osbourne, denied that he had any connection to an offshore fund, deflecting the interview to how a “conservative government” has done more than ever before to thwart tax evasion on all levels.

Criticism and scrutiny has grown amass over the past week, after, it emerged of Downing Street’s connection to an offshore fund created by the Prime Minister’s late father.  Sources reportedly told the Daily Mail that “there are no future funds that the Cameron’s nor their family will benefit from”.

Since the arrival of the Panama Papers, er, talks of possible resignations within Downing Streetarestrong.

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