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UK has rising and shocking number of youngsters sacrificing their childhoods for this reason

According to the Carer’s Trust Society, some large 700,000 youngsters across the U.K are ‘giving up their youth and childhoods” to care for the mentally ill; troubled, and addicted family members.  The report, exclusively seen by the New Day newspaper, notes that the rising number of kids as young as 8 taking care of adult responsibilities — is jaw dropping.

Execs at the Trust society reportedly told the newspaper of the findings in “hope that the government intervenes”.

 “Children as young as five are caring for sisters, brothers and parents, cleaning them, giving them medicine and having to miss school.

“This is not acceptable. The Government must take responsibility for funds and services reaching and helping them

Carer’s Trust Society to the New Day Newspaper in response to the shocking findings. .

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