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Trump is trying to justify not releasing his tax returns

Donald Trump,  Donald Trump, Donald Trump — that’s the name nobody can apparently get off of their mind. The Republican front runner has been under increasing pressure in recent days to release his anticipated tax returns, however, there appears to be a little problem. According to Trump, he is “being audited and has been audited for the past 12 years” and that’s why he can’t yet release them.

“No lawyer would ever allow you to release a tax return while you’re being audited,” the front-runner to be the Republican presidential nominee said in an interview Saturday on the Fox News Channel. “As soon as the audits are finished, I have no problem. There is no bombshell whatsoever.”

The weird thing? The IRS only actually audits typically for a period of three years in terms of suspicion of fraud or severe under reporting.   Experts and critics are deeply divided whether or not Trump is lying, because, most of the questions regarding his tax-returns have largely gone ignored.

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