The United States Marshal Service is arresting people over student loan debt

In case you thought that headline was some sick conspiracy twisted headline, think again, that is actually real. According to reports, a Texas man was arrested this week over a 30-year-old student loan totaling no more than $1,500.  The man, was  arrested at his home after a “suspicious black vehicle” began to watch his home — before armed U.S Marshals swarmed the residence.

The man, identified as Paul Aker, was   confronted by 7 heavily armed  Marshal officers dressed to the nines in combat gear (over student debt!).

The U.S banned “Debtors Prisons” in 1833, and recently, the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional. However, debt collectors are finding new and creative ways to get major muscle behind their efforts to collect on unpaid debts.

Via Business Insider with tips from the New York Daily News.

The New York Daily News reports that this is actually a very real story, and, the Marshal Service reportedly plans to issue at least 1,500 more warrants for unpaid student debt.   According to the Houston man,  he was arrested and taken to a federal building downtown, whereas, he was met with debt collection lawyers.

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