Report: Bill and Melinda Gates largely responsible for Zika Virus

If new reports are to be believed, and the evidence is mounting,  Bill and Melinda Gates have some explaining to do.  News of Gates’  genetically modified mosquitoes project first emerged following the release of the video below, some of which, paints a grim picture regarding the Rockefeller Family.

Video Credit: John Taylor – Facebook

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  Per other reports, Bill and Melinda have quietly been toying with Genetically Modified Mosquitoes that trace back to Brazil (the starting point of the virus). The reported discover has led some to come to the conclusion that “Zika” in other terms is a biological weapon.

It all ties back to a GM company (Genetically modified) called  Oxitec. The company makes it no secret that they are friendly to genetically modified mosquitoes, which alike others, were traced back to Brazil.

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