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In Depth: A guide on China ‘s unbelievable war on Hong Kong and its people

This report has been developed by Fitzpatick Jones-Thomas and Sultan H. Khane II for Bazaar Daily News.  The situtaion in China is so dire -- that the Chinese government has reportedly turned to social media in a desperate attempt to shift the troubling narrative about government actions.    The situation first broke out earlier this year after exec Carrie Lam, uh, announced a bill that would allow HK citizens to be sent to China for prosecution. As one would expect,  news of the bill did not go over well with Hong Kongs'  residents.  To add important context to why Hong Kongers fiercly and staunchly defend their freedom from mainland China, their history actually goes back to when the United Kingdom forked over HK indefinitely. It was in fact one of the most important times in Chinese ...
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Xi Jinping is now China’s ruler for life

BEIJING -- In a sign of troubled times, China, has decided to consolidate power to Xi Jinping for the rest of his life. Over the weekend, the country's top panel and Congressional officials met to discuss removing a constitutional rule that barred leaders from serving beyond term limits. 2,958 members of the country's 3,000 member delegation unanimously voted for Jinping to receive consolidated power until he dies.   Critics, however, aren't thrilled at the idea and are concerned that it may lead to bloodshed like it did the first time China had a dictatorship in modern day (In the 1970's). Meanwhile, Jinping appeared voiceless and emotionless during the hearing.   It is unknown as to how he now feels being the imperial ruler of China for the remainder of his life.
Xi JinPing is officially in America, and Americans, hate it

Xi JinPing is officially in America, and Americans, hate it

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA --  Xi JinPing is in America for his first meeting with dictator Donald Trump, and the two, are expected to discuss everything from North Korea to the massive trade deficit going on between the two countries. According to reports,  Xi JinPing arrived separately from Donald Trump at Palm Beach International causing a massive scene of traffic-in-hell. It'll be interesting to see what emerges from the meeting, mostly, because as other news outlets have reported the two have "very differentiating personalities".  White House advisers are  "worrisome" that Trump's unhinged behavior may cause problems with the Chinese president, as,  those in China have also expressed concern over the same meeting occurring this afternoon.  The meeting ...
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