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Jennifer Lopez sizzles on #VMAs red carpet

Last night at the Video Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez, was all the rage and the glamorous one at that. Lopez, 49,  arrived on the red-carpet in a custom off the shoulder Versace gown (she also later performed).

The mystery surrounding an interstellar visitor has been solved

Last year -- ehum --   the world got a glimpse of a very odd  object shaped like a cigar tumbling through our  solar system (among other avenues). At the time, uh, nobody quite knew what it was or where it actually came from. Now, in the new edition of Nature magazine,    European researchers  claim that they have now figured out exactly what it was. 'Oumuamua" which was discovered on Oct. 19, 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.  Researchers have now decided and confirmed that due to the gases and such that the  object  relayed at the time, that, it  was in fact a comet. A comet that decided to enter and leave our solar system faster than anybody could actually blink.  

Happy New Year From The Guys Who Brought You The Daily News

We're in the final hours of 2017, and, we'd like to take a moment to wish each of you a Happy New Year and a Happy Holiday season as we bring this rad year to a close.   Starting this evening,  our servers will change to reflect the New Year and our biggest surprise yet. Please drink responsibly, and, have fun.   SHK, will be in Philly this year  to ring in the New Year.  If you're in town, come hang with the gang in downtown Philly.  Catch up with us on Instagram using the hashtag #FindSHK .
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Service Warning: Reported restrictions appearing in certain regions and cities

  At approximately 3:40 pm EST, The Daily News  has  triggered a digital lockdown on  our internal servers that contain the enormous amounts of information in our possession and our articles.    In the early morning hours of 15 October,  viewers across the world woke up to restriction warnings that our websites were no longer   viewable in their area. Some received 403  forbidden errors, while others, received flat-out warnings from their internet service providers that this website has been restricted.  We learned of the issue shortly after it began, and, determined that the issue sits solely within certain ISP providers.  We ourselves have been locked out of our website as long as we continue to attempt to connect to it from our  regular Wi-Fi network(s). https://twitter.co...
The Daily News is now among the most visited websites in America
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The Daily News is now among the most visited websites in America

With more than four dozen staff writers;  two dozen social news aggregators, and an army of  nightcrawlers  The Daily News has now become one of the most visited websites in America.  As of 15 January 2017,  The Daily News is now ranked 99,000 in the United States, a feat that has never been achieved before on Alexa.com. On Quantcast.com, we're ranked as follows. 10,034 in the United States 10,910 in the United Kingdom 11 in Pakistan 9,089 in Australia  

The Daily News renews digital contract through 2018

The Daily News is proud to announce that we have renewed our digital contract to remain online through 2018.  In 2018,   The Daily News will celebrate  its 15th anniversary  as a digital newspaper -- an even bigger landmark than ever before.   The Daily News can subsequently announce that we will be joining PopGlitz.com as part of its top-level  editorial squad.   SHK is expected to join PopGlitz.com as an Editor at Large in the coming weeks as we continue to work closely with Javonni Brustow on forming a digital partnership suited for journalism heavyweights.
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