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The Hunt For The Elusive Ghislaine Maxwell

Socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured She’s now one of the most notorious heiresses known to mankind — weirdly enough with nothing to do with her actual self but instead her sordid relationships. I’m talking about the elusive; heard but not seen Ghislaine Maxwell. As it seems, the apple certainly doesn’t fall far from thou tree. Maxwell for those that don’t know is the daughter of the equally mysterious (although deceased) scam artist Robert Maxwell. The woman wanted by authorities in two countries but for the love of god has evaded questioning and almost inevitable capture without as much as blinking an eyelash. Maxwell, an überconnected heiress, is wanted for questioning in connection to claims that she helped disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein procure his under...
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Wireimage Or so is scheduled to do so in "days" according to several reports. According to numerous reporters, Jeffrey Epstein 's ex-madame Ghislaine Maxwell is preparing to "defend" herself for the first time. The New York Post reports that Maxwell may very well "communicate" with the FBI or simply make a statement to the media. Sources told The Sun that Maxwell alike Andrew 'has no memory' of the now infamous and very obvious photograph of the two with Virginia. The photo is very real and is in no way photoshopped, which makes it very hard to imagine how they couldn't have any recollection of it. She has to defend herself. She has no option,” the source said. “Ghislaine is preparing to speak — whether by talking to the FBI or giving a statement to the media.”
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