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About that 6Ix9ine report published on Sunday

I can’t believe somebody actually woke me up at 2am asking me if it was true that Hernandez is getting out of prison. Let’s break this down real quick. First and foremost, Hernandez has been charged with at least 9 federal felonies. Some of those felonies are RICO/weapons charges that carry the possibility of hefty time in itself. The chances of Hernandez seeing those dropped entirely are slim. Reduced by some? Likely. It is no secret that Hernandez has been a snitch in prison on numerous occasions. Let me repeat that again — SmitchesRUs has been cooperative with the government that does not mean they are suddenly going to drop the entire case against him. I confirmed days ago that on the 15th Hernandez pleaded guilty to all but one charge (as that charge didn’t hold up and...
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