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The American led UFO report is here, see it in full

The long awaited watershed UFO report is here by the Americans and of course it leaves more questions than answers. Despite the questions here are a few standout points many should probably realize: Unless the Americans are lying, they do not know what the UFO or UAP devices are that have been spotted in their skies for decades. With that in mind, it's safe to say either a hostile foreign power is snooping on the United States or worse humans in fact are not alone (we just don't know who or what those visitors may be yet.)The CIA and what not does not appear have enough information to know exactly what those things are or where they may have come from. As suspected, it appears that most of the encounters were too fast for appropriate data collection. The CIA in the report admits ...
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US military says UFOs are probably aliens or China or Russia using extraordinarily advanced hypersonic technology

Either way so far we’re learning that America is behind the times.... one way or another governments need to confirm what those are. If those UFOs did not originate here — what do they want? And why? Parts of the classified UFO report are now out and it paints a bleak picture for those hoping to understand what the United States knows about UFOs and potential alien life. While the report in no way definitively says there are aliens, it does in fact, state that the UFOs seen by the military over the past two decades are probably either aliens or a hostile foreign power. Mankind supposedly has not yet come across any definitive proof that aliens exist though the American government is now acknowledging in full course that the machines aren’t them. Initially, many had suspected th...
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