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Exclusive: Donald Trump ‘s tax reform code is here
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Exclusive: Donald Trump ‘s tax reform code is here

You read that right, a copy of Donald Trump 's anticipated tax-code reform plan has landed in our hands -- and you might guess - that it benefits none other than Donald Trump.   The tax reform plan expected to be unveiled today has many keypoints, but, just as many faults. Let's discuss. First up, Donald Trump, wants to slash if not entirely eliminate the real-estate tax entirely.   This would benefit Donald Trump exponentially because of the fact even as President his corporation still pays real estate taxes on its many hotel brands around the world and based in America. Next up,  Donald Trump wants to slash the corporate tax rate from 33% to just 15% a dramatic decrease. But, uh, there's a few problems. Several lawmakers we spoke to in Washington have already voiced their concer...
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