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WaPo: Barr may be finally turning on Trump

And that's because a key component in Trump 's Ukraine strategy, Barr refused to take part in. According to a new report in the Post,   the paper alleges that Barr turned down at least two requests from Trump to host a press conference whereas he would've had to publicly claim "Trump did nothing wrong on that call." People familiar with the matter, however, note that Barr was "flat out" unwilling to hold the press conference, although he remains on good terms with Trump.   Trump meanwhile for at least a few weeks has been "hasty" that it wasn't hosted and feels more could've been done to defend his so-called character.  
Donald Trump to reportedly hold presser 11 January
Trump's America

Donald Trump to reportedly hold presser 11 January

But only if compliance officers and lawyers apparently say its okay. According to Donald's wing woman KellyAnn Conway, the US President-Elect, will reportedly hold his first presser in months in the coming days.  The conference is expected to be short as Donald has knowingly dodged questions about concerns that Americans actually have. Furthermore,  despite two claims during his campaign  Trump, still hasn't released his tax returns -- which now that he's been elected appear to be a topic of discussion.  Otherwise, nobody quite knows what he's expected to say and if he does say anything ("it'll be carefully filtered through compliance officers").
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