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Counter terrorism; liars, and Chris  Christie
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Counter terrorism; liars, and Chris Christie

Say it isn't so,  well, never mind. In an editorial published in The New York Times,  the paper viciously came after  Chris Christie over the holiday weekend claiming he has largely and entirely lied about his own counter-terror record. Alexander Burns and Charlie Savage took  Christie to task over the many claims in which the twosome say Christie made "even dating back to as early as this month". First up,   Christie "exaggerated grossly his own counter-terror record.  During his time as U.S attorney, Christie didn't quite measure up to the superior counter-terror skills he claimed he had".  One case that makes that point?  As pointed out by Hot Air, a comment made by  Christie during the 15 December GOP debate. "We prosecuted two of the biggest terrorism cases in the world and stop...
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