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Hillary Clinton and those “Super Predator” Remarks:  TOP STORY
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Hillary Clinton and those “Super Predator” Remarks: TOP STORY

There's an age old saying, perhaps, no matter who you are -- what you say can haunt you. And, Hillary Clinton is learning just that. In excerpts from the Washington Post,  reporters picked up an interesting piece in which revealed a record of Clinton's that saw the Democratic Presidential Candidate use the term "Super Predators" to describe black youth in the past. Fortunately, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters managed to find their way into a South Carolina fundraiser -- whereas one lady named Ashley almost got the chance to confront Clinton over her shocking comments. The original comments came from a 1996 speech about that infamous "Crime Bill" passed by none other than former U.S President Bill Clinton. At the time of the erroneous comments, Clinton was then First Lady Clinto...
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