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SCOTUS hands NYC a win, DA can access Trump ‘s tax records in major blow to ex-President

In a new blow to private citizen Donald Trump, his actions and potential criminal prosecutions aren't over yet. On Monday, the SCOTUS ruled that New York City prosecutors can access Trump 's tax returns by way of Mazars USA. The ruling means that Trump must now comply with a previous lower court ruling and hand over at least 8 years of said returns. The prosecutions are coming from the efforts by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance to determine whether or not Trump has committed crimes on a state level. Of course in typical Trump fashion, the investigation's continuation even after he left office has been called a witch hunt. The investigation into Trump 's taxes; business formations, and whether or not he inflated his value to get loans remains a focal point of interest for New York C...
Stormy Daniels arrest “not political’
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Stormy Daniels arrest “not political’

Although the mere idea that people can actually trust what the police department says, uh, remains uncertain. According to an internal review (seen by Yahoo), police officials have concluded that Stormy's 2018 arrest at a Strip Club was indeed not "politically motivated". Police officials claim that they pursued an investigation after it was originally claimed that Daniels had "improperly touched" an undercover officer. Although it appears that nobody was ever actually able to even confirm the claim, and, charges were actually dropped hours later. The alleged officers who made the arrest were "staunch Trump supporters" and at the time were believed to have targeted Daniels over her claims against the President.  
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Donald Trump admits Michael Cohen ‘s role in Stormy Daniels payment

According to Donald Trump, ehum,  he indeed knew of the payment to Stormy Daniels and even authorized it.  Per tweets  from Donald Trump, the bewildering American leader,    confirmed on social media that Michael Cohen made the payment. And then received a reimbursement through a "monthly retainer". She  "received a monthly retainer, not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign, from which he entered into, through reimbursement, a private contract" with Daniels," the president wrote. It's also worth noting that Trump had previously publicly denied knowledge of the payment. "Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll [sic] in this transaction."  he continued on Twitter.   The revelations come after Rudy (his new lawyer) appeared last nigh...

Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man she says approached her in Las Vegas

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is back in the headlines, and this time,  the story takes an even more interesting turn than it did last week. According to reports, Stormy showed up to several press outlets with a sketch-artist who now appears to have compiled a highly-descriptive portrait of the man that allegedly confronted Daniels. Stormy and Houston based legendary forensic sketch artist Lois Gibson (who holds the Guinness World Record for the world's most successful forensic art btw)   created the drawing after a reported sit-down and a recollection of events by Daniels.  The portrait  first made its debut on The View Tuesday afternoon during a hotly anticipated appearance by Daniels herself. It was subsequently announced on The View, that,  Stormy and her lawyer are offering a c...
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4 Important Takeaways from Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes Interview

Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview is certainly going to be the talk of Washington  here in a few hours. Last night, the adult-film actress and brave lady took to 60 Minutes to tell her side of the story -- and how -- Trump and associates has gone to great lengths to silence her. In the interview, Stormy revealed multiple talking points that are generating several points of interest online. In 2011,  in a Las Vegas parking lot -- Daniels was approached by a man who threatened her life and the life of her daughter if she didn't leave Trump alone. Michael Cohen is the dirtiest of lawyers probably and perhaps in the history of American law. Cohen reportedly is the reason (also confirmed by In Touch)  that the magazine did not run the original story  so many years ago.  The mag...
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Trump ‘s attorney just added a whole new twist to the Stormy Daniel’s Saga

Such a twist, that uhm, nobody's  quite sure if this particular admission may have skirted a law or two. According to Trump 's personal attorney Michael Cohen, he, apparently paid Daniel's $130,000 out of his own pocket to keep her mouth shut about their encounter. Cohen made the claims after Daniel's continued her TV talk show rounds, but, made it her mission to avoid directly identifying whether or not she herself would admit to a settlement. It remains to be clear whether or not Trump himself, ehum, may have known about the payoff (per Cohen's own story) or had anything to actually do with it. Watchdog groups have already cried foul, because,  the payment indeed violates campaign finance laws.   Of course, Cohen and co have already countered that argument that because it came from...
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TOP STORY: Melania Trump has moved into a posh D.C hotel amid Trump ‘s porn scandal

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Hotel managers  in Washington D.C shouldn't be surprised, if,  secret service and the First Lady apparently start popping up at their hotels. According to the DailyMail.com,  First Lady Melania Trump has "temporarily moved into a D.C hotel" amid Trump 's ongoing scandal with porn-star Stormy Daniels. The website claims that the First Lady apparently began staying in a posh D.C hotel last week, after, tensions mounted between herself and the President over claims he cheated on her multiple times.   The  problem apparently mounted to a boiling point, after, Mrs Trump learned that there was a $130,000 hush payment made to Daniels  that year.    Something, that,   appears to have taken the First Lady by surprise considering she had just given birth to their child not long...
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