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Black Ridiculousness

Root Editor manages to disclose his racism over a “Pumpkin Spice Latte”

Apparently enjoying and trying out different lattes or “coffee concoctions”  is a “white thing” at least according to one asinine editor at The Root.   Clearly, we had time today, so we’re going to go ahead and take him to task for managing to turn a simple Pumpkin Spice Latte into a “disgusting white thing”. “No fucking way. This is the shit people are falling over themselves for in White America?” I gave it like five minutes—because I do it for my culture—and took another sip of the poisonous tasting bullshit for which I paid $4.95...’ In case it couldn’t get any worse, uh, it does.   The writer, identified as Panama Jackson — literally defines his jack-ass-ness in an article or less reiterating that people suddenly make everything about someone’s skin color.  Why, on earth...
Yes, the UK, can also get in on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes
UK News, Your take?

Yes, the UK, can also get in on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes

You're reading this right, and, this is not a drill -- Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a thing now (and so are the really annoying  females in the Starbucks line arguing over what kind of milk to put in said PSL). Starbucks confirmed Tuesday that the PSL is back in action as of 28 August, and, pretty much virtually any Starbucks should have it.     The 28 August release marks the earliest release of the PSL ever recorded,  hopefully, said release means that fall is around the corner (and we can finally kiss those really hot heat waves good bye!).

Starbucks closing all U.S stores on 29 April for “training day”

A grueling training day set for Starbucks employees, who,  are apparently about to undergo extensive racial training to prevent further missteps like the one that happened in Philly.   Starbucks confirmed in statements to The Daily News that  all of its stores would be closing on the 29th  so that management teams and the like, could,  essentially teach their teams about  inclusion. The news comes after days of bad headlines for Starbucks, mostly, after a video surfaced online of two black men (who were waiting for a friend)  arrested for simply walking into the local Center City location in Philly.
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Starbucks employees, baristas, getting new perks

Starbucks employees are getting some new perks, per the company. According to Starbucks, beginning sometime in the next month, employees can expect to see a little raise apart from some stock grants for managers.     The company counts the reasoning behind the raises and what not,  because of the tax-cuts  provided by the Trump Administration. Employees will also soon be able to earn paid sick time off;   parental leave (including non-birth parents, and managers will earn up to $2,000 in stock grants.  In other related news, the Walt Disney Company is set to hand out its own stock grants and education funding programs and even $1,000 bonuses.     They will come to hundreds of thousands of employees.  
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Starbucks sued for chronically under filling lattes

Starbucks is, er, facing an interesting lawsuit this week after reports surfaced that a class action lawsuit was filed against the company..According to TMZ, Sara S. And a pal reportedly filed the lawsuit after they visited the coffee chain multiple times a week, only  to be cheated out of their coffee. TMZ claims that coffee at Starbucks is routinely 25% underfilled. Starbucks, however, hasn't commented on the situation yet.
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