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Shaun King: A Self-Made Repeated Con-Artist
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Shaun King: A Self-Made Repeated Con-Artist

Shaun King, perhaps the world's greatest con-grifter, is back in the headlines once again. This time (for the umpteenth time in probably the last four years) someone fairly new has written a piece about King's troubling past as a so-called activist. Serial con-artist Shaun King is pictured. Now before I dig deep into this matter, I'd like to point out that several issues have long existed with King over the years. Some related to reports of fundraising; his journalism, and down to his so-called activism for black and disadvantaged communities across America. I cannot stress this enough, if nothing else can be taken from King's "financial disclosure report" and the latest revelations made by DeRay Mckesson -- this can be said. King's misleading and often eyebrow-raising be...
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