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Afternoon Roundup

The Mixer: Trump ‘s henchman surrenders, WH says pay up, 1619 creator gets tenure after all and more

Your afternoon mixer is here and it is chalked full of the day's bits you probably should know about. Sponsored by Crown Ventures (that's our homewares and travel company) we bring you the PM 's newsbites of the day. Trump 's crony Alan W has surrendered to New York authorities amid his pending tax fraud charges. Alan is understood to have been one of the masterminds behind the Trump Organisation 's failure to disclose a number of cash payments; rent free apartments, and other incentives to its employees. The failure to disclosure likely will spell the end for Alan 's career as New York is hoping to either charge him or get him to turn on Trump. It is unclear if the last part is even a consideration he has made. 2. 1619 creator Nikole Hannah-Jones will get her NC tenure after...
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