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Rudy Guiliani: I don’t worry about propganda because I am propaganda

In a newly published interview with Buzzfeed News, former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani has once again shown just how asinine he really is. In the interview, Guiliani denied having a part of the recent propaganda coming out of Washington. Guiliani went on to claim that impeachment efforts against Trump are also a coordinated effort by the "Deep State" and the "Democratic Party" to discredit him. “It's really being done because there's a concerted effort to destroy my credibility, because I had the audacity to bring up all this corruption of the Democratic Party. Honestly, I don't know why half the rumors start,” he said, before offering a guess. “People don't like you. People are trying to hurt you.” Guiliani 's chat with Buzzfeed comes after a week's worth of non-stop media and i...
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