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This is the person responsible for Asia Argento ‘s permanent downfall

And that appears to be Rose  McGowan's significant other. According to The Cut, McGowan's  boyfriend Rain Dove,  apparently received the now infamous texts from Argento herself.    The Cut notes that the text messages (and now infamous topless photo of Argento)  that appeared all over the news, came, after Dove decided to turn them over to police and the like --  because it was the right thing to do. The website goes on to claim that Argento made "numerous  contradicting claims about the relationship with Jimmy, so much so, that neither Rose or Rain knew really what to do other than turn them over to police'. Argento 's rep declined to comment on the story when contacted by The Daily  News.
Fresh News

Rose McGowan is dating a woman

And he's apparently a model who is famous for modeling both men and women's clothes.  According to The Daily Mail,  McGowan was spotted in Central Park  with her new friend "Rain Dove" (out of respect for their apparent pronouns, we, have used their identifier "they"). They  are fairly striking; 6'2, and,   have been featured in numerous fashion spreads and  clothing ads.  The two were in Manhattan together over the weekend to celebrate and take in OZY Fest. 
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Rose McGowan goes on EPIC anti-transgender TIRADE inside book signing

And as a result, she, has apparently decided to end all of her upcoming public appearances. According to Deadline.com,   McGowan  confirmed such news because she "felt the questions being asked weren't relevant".   The questions, perhaps, were both relevant and interesting considering not many knew McGowan's past about making comments regarding transgender people. Deadline has some of the tweets, which,  are obviously painting a rather worn  and timid McGowan who is lashing out at any and everything that dare step in her path [I mean that literally]. One of our readers sent this to our Youtube team (we are not sure where this  video itself actually came from.  The video confirms  the story about the transgender woman..). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sksceSPTq5c I am canc...

Harvey Weinstein tried to use Rose McGowan ‘s sexual history against her

In apparent leaked e-mails that have surfaced online following a damning Daily Beast expose. In the original expose,   his former disgraced attorney Lisa  Bloom is seen trying to bribe others out of their prosecution of Weinstein by offering up McGowan's reported sexual history. According to Glamour,  Lisa Bloom tried to go to extensive lengths to discredit McGowan (although it doesn't appear the threat was ever followed through with..).  Bloom reportedly phoned Ronan Farrow, who, was then shocked to see Bloom on the line offering up blackmail-worthy sexual evidence on Rose McGowan or in her words "Information you need to see". Alike before, Bloom,  refused to speak when contacted by The Daily News on the claims. At the time when the original report was published, she, claimed sh...

Rose McGowan ‘s Twitter restored + the latest on “HW”

The latest includes a blunt accusation that among other things, uh, Amazon has known for some time that Harvey Weinstein has been sexually assaulting and harassing women.  According to tweets posted by Rose McGowan,  Amazon, was informed beginning last year of most of the accusations against Weinstein (including McGowan's). But, this is where it gets pretty patriarchal  and pretty strange to say the least.  Jeff Bezo's reportedly told McGowan that "her claims were unproven" and that "she pretty much needed to be quiet".  She recalled on Twitter of how she went to Bezos (presumably during what would have been an Amazon project, no word on why she was on  an Amazon studios lot)  and was told that, some of which, has now caused an even bigger backlash than probably expected. Meanwhile, ...
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