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Yes,  Steve Bannon wanted to quit and here’s why

Yes, Steve Bannon wanted to quit and here’s why

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Steve Bannon wanted to 'quit' if he was actually removed from the NSC (which he was).   The report was later denied by people close to the former NSC member and now we've learned a bit more into the situation. WH staffers close to the situation and the President exclusively tell The Daily News that "Bannon has a very strict and consistent point of view that aligned with the deadliest of ideas possible. He has this sort of alt-right mantra that would antagonize the most treacherous of ideas to come from the President.  He was removed ultimately because people felt his alt-right association and extreme views were a bad influence for the President, and, should not influence national security decisions in the Situation Room".  Initia...
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