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R. Kelly Accuser: He made me rub my face in feces and record it as punishment

One thing is for certain and that is that R. Kelly deserves to die behind bars for his crimes. In the latest round of testimony in the federal case against the disgraced singer, a 23-year-old woman recounted to the court Monday of how she was often forced into sexual abuse at the hands of Kelly; forced to rub her face in feces and record it, and would often be subjected to verbal and physical abuse. it is yet another notch in the extraordinary claims against Kelly, most of which, have been backed up and validated by mountains of evidence and testimony gathered since his initial arrest two years ago. The incident in this situation happened in 2015 when the young woman was then all of 17 years old. At that time in 2015, Kelly was then performing on his “Black Panties” tour in whic...
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