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You probably shouldn’t say this if your boss is a known pedophile

A crisis manager; a client accused of a sex trafficking ring, and reported ill-advised comments are the case against R Kelly's top representative this week. In a published interview, Kelly's controversial crisis manager reportedly told an interviewer the following: "As has been reported, Darrell Johnson has decided to take some time off, for personal reasons, from his efforts on behalf of R. Kelly. The defense wants to thank Mr. Johnson for his tireless assistance and looks forward to his return. He shares our confidence that this is an unprecedented assault against R. Kelly by others, for their own personal gain, and in the innocence of R. Kelly". The interview, published here, comes amid further investigations being launched against the troubled singer. Earlier this year, multiple ...
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Judge orders police to inspect R. Kelly ‘s music studio

Bad news for R. Kelly, uh, good news for the women hoping to put him behind bars for notorious sex crimes. According to a Chicago judge (whom for their own safety, uh, we won't name) R. Kelly has been ordered to allow a search of his Chicago based music studio on 16 January. This marks the first time a judge has ordered Kelly to be searched in any manner. The Root reports that the judge named was "pretty concerned" after watching the allegations made in Surving R Kelly: A Lifetime Docuseries. R. Kelly 's camp doesn't reportedly "have a problem with the search" but has a problem that it was declared an emergency.
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