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3 fascinating places no human is ever allowed into
Forbbiden — The Article Series

3 fascinating places no human is ever allowed into

In our next installement of our “Forbidden” series — we’re exploring fascinating places on this earth where we humans aren’t exactly allowed to go. Our last entry took us through South America and wove through Brazil to a notoriously snake-ridden island that no human no matter whom they are is allowed to enter. In this installment, we go on yet another worldly adventure far more fascinating than the first. These excursions are meant to open the eyes of our readers to realize that the world and the earht in which we live on is far more complex and large than anyone has probably ever imagined. The Isa Shrine, Japan Visitors are allowed as far as the gate, where they can offer their prayers, but never beyond. (Photo:JTB/UIG via Getty Images) Alike state secrets and places ...
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