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BBC struggled to air coverage of Prince Phillip ‘s death as Britons turned off the TV

Britain is in a national state of mournimg but the BBC can't seem to keep up with its audience. According to The Guardian, the network and its channels struggled to maintain viewership as it cleared its schedule to air the coverage but most weren't exactly pleased. The BBC selection of channels is generally where most people go to catch a show like The Eastenders and such. The response of course has been maddening. The Guardian reports that people quickly took to the BBC 's website to field the avalanche of complaints from those who apparently didn't quite care to watch the coverage. Whether that be because they're anti-monarchy or not isn't quite known.
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Prince Charles releases first statement on the death of his father Prince Phillip

England is entering a period of national mourning following the death of 99-year-old Prince Phillip. The royal and exiled Greek was the longtime love of Queen Elizabeth II who had helped bring the monarchy into the new century though had faced a long list of troubles himself. “I particularly wanted to say, that my father spent the last 70 years giving the most remarkable, devoted service to the queen, to my family and the country, and also to home,” Charles said, speaking for the family as the eldest son according to the New York Post.
The end has come for  Prince Phillip
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The end has come for Prince Phillip

After 7 decades as one of the leading members of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace, has confirmed that  96-year-old Phillip has retired.   The news comes after weeks of renewed speculation that "the end of time" may be here for The Prince, who, is still the next in line to the throne. The Palace released the following media advisory after staff from across the country were ordered to London for an emergency meeting.
The Queen Won’t be in Sandringham just yet
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The Queen Won’t be in Sandringham just yet

LONDON --  According to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip have both reportedly delayed their train trips to Sandringham Palace due to "extreme colds" that have left them under the weather. The Queen was scheduled to leave King 's Cross at 10:44 am whereas royal security  was already on heavy-guard awaiting her arrival. But, the palace confirmed at the last minute that she would not be boarding the train due to being ill. The 90-year-old Monarch will return to Sandringham at a later date before the Christmas holiday.  
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