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Here’s how to protect you and your iPhone
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Here’s how to protect you and your iPhone

With the rising cost of iPhones, its, never  sorry to be safe. Although iPhones (and this even works for Android) have  Find my iPhone,  that, sometimes has been known to be a little wonky and often requires that the phone has a data connection to do so.  So, what if you find yourself  in a situation where Find my iPhone isn't working? Never fear, our friends over at the Prey Project have you covered. Prey Project works in a fairly similar manner to Find my iPhone except the difference is is that it keeps records of all locations; maps, etc on the device (laptops; phones, tablets, etc).  Unlike Find my iPhone,  Prey Project connects to the device throughout the day and leaves a record in the website control panel of all actions and stuff. Prey is absolutely free (unless you have ...
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