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Is this the worst date in history? 

Is this the worst date in history? 

PASADENA -- Its always rather amusing hearing dating horror stories, but this one, might just be rather horrifying in itself rather than funny. According to Pasadena police, serial date skipper Paul Gonzales has reportedly struck again.  A woman identified as Beth came forward this week after a Bumble date went horribly horribly wrong. Gonzales,  has done this in the past.  According to the woman, they met on an app called Bumble where they agreed to go to a local restaurant.  During the date, he ordered a pinot; caesar salad, a side of steak and numerous other menu items. Initially, he had claimed that he was apparently a body builder and needed the extra food. Although it was a ruse that has all become to typical for Gonzales.  Beth claimed to police that he ...
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