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A fifth dimension?

A new report out Monday holds the stunning claim that there could be a fifth dimension in the Universe. Amid a wild year of revelations about space and the Universe in general, it only adds to the intrigue surrounding the unknown realm currently above us. Futurism reports that scientists have a few discoveries with such having led to the conclusion that there appears to be something odd about the Universe. You can view the full report in the European Physical Journal (Peer Reviewed.)
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Tomorrow ‘s the big day in Space, here’s what to look out for.

Despite the chatter about apparent superpowers on 21 December, here’s what actually happens. On Monday night, Jupiter and Saturn will come so close together astronomers are calling it a once in a lifetime event. According to the AP, the last time the planets would have been as close as they are coming would have been approximately 1623. Astronomers note that people should look closely in the sky probably to the southwest of wherever they’re standing. One of the last real times this happened this close other than 1623 would have been back in the 1200 ‘s. Of course don’t forget your binoculars if you’re looking to get a good view or perhaps even a camera that zooms in well. The next time that such will happen will be least 2080.
Fresh News

There’s mounting evidence about this find on Mars, you should know what’s going on in space right now

For years —- we’ve made it evident to our readers that we are avid watchers of space and what may be out there among us or above us. 2020 has brought us a host of discoveries that have led researchers and scientists to all but declare that we likely are not alone in this world — and even perhaps the universe. A new Space.com report paints a picture of a recent Mars discovery that appears to have mounting evidence for a find that could lead to other serious finds in outer space. For starters, researchers appear to have found subglacial lakes underneath Mars’ moon’s surface. This find comes just weeks after it was declared that there is a plausible chance that there is some form of life right now about 35km outside of Venus in the atmosphere above the elusive planet. 2020...
Messages from Aliens? Scientists so aren’t sure
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Messages from Aliens? Scientists so aren’t sure

Aliens? Nobody's quite sure. But, one thing scientists are sure of, er, is that there are some pretty strange repeating signals come from outer space -- and billions of light years away. According to scientists, there have only been about 17 of such signals found since the first was ever discovered in 2007. The signals, with no traced to source, appear to have "repeated"  during their orbit to galaxy -- some of which has triggered  conspiracy theorists and scientists to wonder whether or not alien life forms are communicating from outer space (we'd guess not). Acc0rding to researchers at Cornell University,  the signals, are reportedly known as fast radio bursts. "This research shows for the first time that there can be multiple FRBs from the same place in the sky," researcher Shami ...
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