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A message about our viewership

To The People Who Read This Paper [and our blog others], Over the years, I, have had all kinds of people argue with me about the status of this website and more.  They've turned to "organic traffic websites" (for non-tech-nerds, this is what that means) -- and more.  I have never engaged in any form of "marketing traffic" or "paid traffic" or anything of the kind.  (But we'll get to that much later, because, there are numerous complaints about that). I have only ever solely relied on the visitor/hit monitor provided by my web-host which does a pretty good job of tracking numbers here.  People have accused this paper of inflating numbers for several years, because,  they can only see what these rinky-dink websites out here can clamor to designate. This website is called "SemRush.com".  W...
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