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Race to 2020

Donald Trump claims he would beat Oprah Winfrey if she ran for President

Apparently Donald Trump thinks he's virtually unstoppable. According to Trump, he,  not only loves Oprah but feels that if she runs in 2020 -- he'd certainly beat her. "I don't think she's going to run," President Trump told reporters Tuesday, per CBS News. Meanwhile, nobody actually knows whether or not  Oprah is actually going to run for President.
Oprah Winfrey may run for President in 2020
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Oprah Winfrey may run for President in 2020

In the defiant age of Donald Trump,  T.V titan Oprah Winfrey is apparently mulling the idea of running for U.S President in 2020. According to Oprah,  she had never actually thought about the possibility of being President of the United States. But after the declaration that Trump didn't have experience or the qualifications to become such a position, she, has now "mulled" the possibility of taking up the WH in 2020. According to The Daily Mail,  Oprah in her latest interview has expressed high interest in taking a political turn in her career something that she has always avoided in the past. Indeed,  Oprah has never actually entered politics of any kind -- and "was shocked to discover that she could potentially become POTUS".
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