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An emergency alert about NYC’S subway system
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An emergency alert about NYC’S subway system

THIS IS FOR OUR NEW YORK READERS. Since March, the MTA has quietly been grappling with the idea that people are actually tired of their shit and terrible system -- so much so that someone is deliberately pulling emergency brakes on trains to make them stop. The MTA has confirmed that a suspect is wanted for having caused more than 700 delays sinc March. You're not tripping, part of those extreme recent delays appear to have been intentional. The MTA has made it clear that this is a serious situation. Here's what we know and why we are issuing a public alert: 1. The man believed to be behind this is deliberately forcing trains to stop. By doing so, he is often forcing trains to come to a screeching stop in an already crowded subway traffic tunnel. This is dangerous and could spe...
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