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Microsoft is now fining people who use imitation copies of its Windows programme

American software company Microsoft has won a first of its kind case in Spain. In Spain, a Spanish court has ruled that a woman must spend 6 months in prison for using a fake copy of Windows at an establishment she apparently worked at. Spanish authorities previously paused the case earlier this year amid the Coronavirus and several appeals by the woman. Spain's high court also ruled that the unidentified woman must also pay a $4,400 fine and pay the remaining licensing fees to Microsoft. It is the first known time that Microsoft has knowingly pursued intellectual property cases against people believed to be using the wrong version of Windows. It is unclear exactly how Microsoft came to know that such was actually the case.
Fresh News

Study: A ton of American’s aren’t buying that a COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t already exist

A new USA Today poll has found that approximately 44% of Americans believe that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory, lending credence to the idea that some believe that the virus was indeed manufactured by the Chinese. One in three Americans reportedly believe that a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus actually already exists but it is being intentionally withheld from the general public. 29% believe that a vaccine exists, 34% reportedly believe that a vaccine has existed this entire time but it just isn't being used to treat people. The poll appears to be largely split among political lines between Democrats and Republicans.
Fresh News

Exclusive: Photos from inside Mississippi state prison show unbelievable and inhumane conditions

Social Media Minute:   It's Sunday morning and we've got your social media minute update.   A Mississippi prison is in the news today after photographs emerged from inside the prison indicating inmates are forced to live without A.C.  Photographs clearly show inmates sweating....... The following photographs are pretty disturbing.... The inmates in the photographs have not been identified as of this writing.  The photographs appear to have been taken by a burner phone, presumably not meant to be inside the prison.  Water faucets are filthy; unkept, and pouring dirty water.  Appliances are beyond rusted levels -- and inmates are even sleeping on floors. It's being reported that inmates are forced to sleep on floors; with their doors open, because they have no proper A.C.   A common iss...
Stormy Daniels arrest “not political’
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Stormy Daniels arrest “not political’

Although the mere idea that people can actually trust what the police department says, uh, remains uncertain. According to an internal review (seen by Yahoo), police officials have concluded that Stormy's 2018 arrest at a Strip Club was indeed not "politically motivated". Police officials claim that they pursued an investigation after it was originally claimed that Daniels had "improperly touched" an undercover officer. Although it appears that nobody was ever actually able to even confirm the claim, and, charges were actually dropped hours later. The alleged officers who made the arrest were "staunch Trump supporters" and at the time were believed to have targeted Daniels over her claims against the President.  
Spotify ad deemed to scary, so,  it is now banned: Watch
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Spotify ad deemed to scary, so, it is now banned: Watch

Apparently people forgot that it is Halloween, and therefore, were offended that Spotify ad is actually pretty scary. The music-streaming service released the following ad, which apparently, got said ad promptly banned. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DlGetOtKteg&ebc=ANyPxKpDJ-JZeqOJhBi7CyXa6hgNW72ezCeuTlyC3Z2UvCPOLWT9-c7Puy057bFvi20T7qUTurqhHUHTww-eHpKh8haEux2RUQ
Diary of SHK

SHK: My aunt Amy tokenized my health problems for her own gain as a child

This is part of a series by SHK on the childhood trauma and abuse that he faced at the hands of his adopted mother (whom is his aunt) when he was 18 months old. This article was written with permission from The Common Room, who,  assisted in putting together this article due to SHK 's own health problems. When I was all but about 3 or so years old, that, was when the abuse first began.  I would often  be separated from people who were thought to be against my Aunt Amy, because, she feared that people were going to try and take her children -- because she should have never had them to begin with.   My health issues first (first) started when I was about 13 or so.  I complained my vision was getting poor, and that, I was having a hard time seeing in school.   But I was told that I was...
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A chance to help others, and then, tragedy struck

Good Samaritans are hard to come by this day-and-age.  But when one does help others, they, imagine that in return they're eventually going to become blessed individuals. For one family,  that, in fact was the polar opposite -- after a motorist  killed all four their daughters and their friends. Jenna Helton, 14; Nevaeh Law, 14; Brittany Watson, 15; and Martin Martinez, 16, stepped out of their fun-zone during a sleepover to help a nearby Chevy Suburban along a state road. In Cortland, ehum, this is quite common people helping others in their time of need. But, what could be seen as good gesture towards others, ended in tragedy. According to local police, all four girls were killed after another SUV plowed into the back of  the broken down Suburban .  Police say that the dri...
Angelina Jolie: Brad isn’t paying for his children
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Angelina Jolie: Brad isn’t paying for his children

In new filings in a Los Angeles Superior Court room, uh, attorneys for actress Angelina Jolie are prepared to take Brad Pitt to task.   Task, uh, for apparent failure to pay child support since the couple announced their 2016 separation and would-be divorce. According to reports,  Pitt "hasn't ponied up the cash required in a tangible amount to care for his six children in which he shares with Angelina" reads part of a document obtained by multiple outlets. The couple first split in 2016, but, haven't quite finalised their divorce yet. Reps for Jolie confirmed that she has asked a judge to  finalize their divorce before custody proceedings are finalized in any way. 

Happy Birthday: Young Platinum ‘s sexy self celebrates fab birthday

Young Platinum, whom has been one of our dear friends for many years on social media,  celebrated his birthday on Saturday.     Platinum whose real name is Shaun Freeman,  is,  by far one of our favorite rappers  of the current hip-hop wave -- and -- mostly because he's drop dead  gorgeous. Apart from his awesome music.    Check out some of our favourite photos of the rapper below.

Heather Locklear admitted to hospital

It seems actress Heather Locklear can't seem to get her act together.  Last week she was arrested for assaulting her parents; re-arrested for assaulting an officer and an EMT -- and now is apparently in the hospital. According to Locklear's family, the actress had "already been seeking help  before the fact of the assault".  Also apparently a feat that had been in the works for some time,  ehum, due to Locklear's troublesome  past few months with substance abuse and mental health issues. This time, The Daily News, confirmed that Locklear was admitted to the hospital after an apparent overdose in her Thousand Oaks home.  The actress reportedly overdosed on an unidentified substance. Thankfully  a friend who happened to be in the home alerted police and she was quickly admitted to EMT ...
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Senate moves to reverse Trump ‘s ZTE deal

Looks like Donald Trump will have to try a little harder to  get ZTE back up and fully financially-worthy in the United States. According to the AP, Senate leaders in the U.S  banded together  on Monday to begin the process of reversing the proposal that Trump put forth.  That proposal, perhaps,   allowed ZTE to  continue to buy products from the U.S despite violating numerous international sanctions. Earlier this year, it was discovered that the Chinese  technology giant apparently and allegedly   sold/bought parts from North Korea and Iran -- two countries that are still to this day on the sanctions list themselves.  Now,  Senate leaders both Republican and Democrat have brought together their power to ban ZTE once more. The AP notes that the Senate managed to successfully add a pr...
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AT&T Merger not intercepted by Donald Trump: Reports

It appears that Rudy Guliani is not only dumb, but, apparently not the world's best lawyer. Earlier this week,  Rudy claimed that Trump did indeed interfere with the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and AT&T.   Now, Rudy has apparently back-tracked said comments citing that  Trump did not intercept the merger and had nothing to do with it not actually going through. "[Trump] did not interfere with the Justice Department going ahead with the case, which he had every right and power to do," he said, "and other presidents have done in anti-trust cases." reads a new statement from   Rudy.   According to ABC,     the news came as a surprise to others considering Trump has made  many claims about the merger on social media.    
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