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Sources: NBC News won’t pay Matt Lauer massive pay package

Despite confusing reports to begin with. According to multiple reports published over the weekend, sources have indicated that NBC execs have decided that  Matt Lauer will not get his severance package after all. The decision reportedly came after an admission of guilt from Lauer per sources, and, after execs  held several reported private discussions. Page Six reports that NBC News president Noah Oppenheim announced in a Friday meeting that he "would not receive his final pay for the remainder of his contract" because of his having been fired "for cause". Meanwhile, the website also reports that his wife of 19 years Annette Roque has moved out of their Long Island home, and, has returned to the Netherlands.
Happening in America

Report: Matt Lauer had secret button under desk to trap women in office

A button that allegedly allowed him to lock the door behind those who would enter, and, he would never have to get out of his chair. In a report published by The Atlantic, the magazine,  goes on to claim that NBC knew of the locking mechanism -- but did nothing about it. They essentially were the sole enablers of Matt Lauer 's rumored reign of terror as the most powerful man in journalism. The originating report reportedly came from  Variety, followed by, The New York Times. In all three reports, former staff members and some of the women he assaulted have come forth about the button.  The button, perhaps, serves as the single most terrifying fact we've seen yet in the litany of assault allegations at the hands of powerful men. In the first article,   a former staff member claimed th...
Trump's America

Trump amps up attacks on NBC, continues to threaten license

But there's actually nothing that the betrothed President can actually do about NBC's license to broadcast stateside.  FCC  heads took to  social media to to note that "That's not how this works" in response to amped up threats against the network amid its negatively amplified coverage of Trump 's time in office. "Fake news" has been a repeated statement   by Trump this week, further, citing that networks should "have their licenses either revoked or challenged for the "fake news" that they produce". Although alike the FCC noted, uh, the President has no power to determine  which or whose license gets challenged or revoked. Meanwhile, some are beginning to question if Trump is slowly turning on the very same oaths of office he promised when he became President. Specifically, the Firs...

Report: NBC tried to cover up Ronan Farrow ‘s story on Harvey Weinstein

The brouhaha over  Harvey Weinstein continues.  According to reports published Wednesday evening,  Ronan Farrow (one of the reporters behind the original story on Weinstein's lewd behavior)  was "blocked" by NBC executives  because "they tried to tell him he didn't have enough information to continue reporting". The Huffington Post got their  hands on several pieces of key information that indicate that NBC News executives were well aware of the story, and, that Farrow had proven it credible. But, despite such, ordered that without a doubt he cease trying to report on it.  This, perhaps, is how the story actually ended up in the hands of The New Yorker according to The Post. Interestingly, during an apparent NBC News town hall Wednesday  network suits tried to claim that the "story w...

Megyn Kelly finally explains why she left Fox News: Watch

In interviews with  Ellen Degeneres,  Megyn Kelly, uh, finally took to the airwaves to tell her  side of the story as to why she really left Fox News (her new show is on the horizon).  Kelly, clearly looking the part of an NBC News reporter.. explains below... Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QNLCf4wl-s
Megyn Kelly reportedly leaves Fox for NBC: Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly reportedly leaves Fox for NBC: Megyn Kelly

After months of speculation, it, appears that Megyn Kelly is finally out at Fox News and headed for a much larger role over at NBC News.  According to Megyn herself, she has accepted an ambitious  offer from NBC to host multiple news show(s) including a role in special programming.  Fox, had ultimately failed to keep her even after offering her upwards of $20m a year. Fox hasn't returned calls for comment on Megyn's departure, but, it is largely expected that Megyn 's voice is partially one of the biggest deciding factors in her choice to leave.  In other news,   Megyn had confirmed in her memoir that pay wasn't really a reason for her staying at Fox News, but rather,  
Report: Donald Trump losing support in GOP Primary election
2016 Elections

Report: Donald Trump losing support in GOP Primary election

According to several reports, GOP hopeful and likely presidential nominee Donald Trump is "losing support" ahead of the much anticipated South Carolina primaries.    Per an NBC/WSJ poll,   Trump has apparently fallen behind his secondary counterpart Ted Cruz in South Carolina -- where votes matter. The poll dictates that Cruz currently has 28% of the support from GOP primary voters, while Trump, sits firmly at 26%.  Some experts pointed out to NBC, that, "Trump's shift in campaign support should be the first sign of an entire shift in support all the way around".   The new results are a stark difference from last month's support numbers when Trump, held a 13 point lead.
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