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Here’s what Janet Yellen ‘s “Rate Hike” means for America
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Here’s what Janet Yellen ‘s “Rate Hike” means for America

If you've been watching Wall Street like a hawk as of Wednesday evening, the buzz, is that for the first time in nearly a decade the federal reserve has raised its rates. While the raise wasn't all that high, perhaps,  it may still have a few effects on an every day American. We've rounded up some of the effects based on what we've learned from investors; and banking officials in corporate America. 1.)  Credit Cards Credit cards and the "low rates" you often get drawn in on, may, see a small decrease in the "window period" in which those low rates remain attractive. Although the feds only raised their rates a measly .25%, it could still, mean such could happen to that lovely Capital One in your wallet. As  Wall Street would say "Don't not pay attention to the stock market". ...
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