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Megyn Kelly exiting NBC entirely: Reports
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Megyn Kelly exiting NBC entirely: Reports

Bad news for Megyn Kelly, uh, if reports are to be believed. Per multiple reports, Kelly, has been booted from NBC entirely and will not return in any format.  Reports claim initially that Kelly was “to stay on in a lesser role” per negotiations, however, the NETWORK has since decided against such a move. Meanwhile,  Kelly and the network remain emboldened in a negotiation controversy over the remainder of her $69m contract that was signed when she left Fox News (the same network, uh, who doesn’t actually want much to do with her now!).  

Megyn Kelly discovers her TODAY show program has been CANCELLED

And effective immediately will be filled by someone else in that slot. NBC has confirmed that Megyn Kelly Today is no more, uh, after the host decidedly made comments that signaled she was okay with racism. Earlier this month, Kelly, appeared in an interview that suggested Blackface costumes by white people were okay -- suggestively ending her tenure in that particular NBC time slot. While she is still employed by NBC, it, is unclear where her future sits.
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