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Matt Gaetz is in big big trouble

Representative Matt Gaetz not only is facing very real investigations that threaten to dismantle his political future, but now, he is facing even more allegations that carry the consequence of uprooting his entire life. Sources are out today via CBS with extraordinary claims that federal laws may have been broken on a number of occasions including on foreign land. CBS claims that during a reported trip to the Bahamas that Gaetz took with a marijuana entrepreneur things got a little sticky. The same sources claimed that Gaetz is being looked at as a possible suspect in an investigation related to a man named Jason Pirozollo who they say paid for hookers on the island. Investigators reportedly want to know whether Gaetz was provided access to sexual favours and prostitutes in exch...
Everything you need to know about the allegations against Matt Gaetz and his associates

Everything you need to know about the allegations against Matt Gaetz and his associates

Editors note: It’s not entirely clear though it appears that The Times has a bombshell story that implicates Matt Gaetz in a sex scandal that may include more. The DOJ is investigating amid claims there were multiple women. This story contains elements of potentially criminal activities. WHAT IS KNOWN: According to the initial part of the New York Times story, Matt Gaetz and at least one of his associates paid multiple women for sex using apps like Cash App and Apple Pay. That allegation in itself has sent social media into a frenzy considering Gaetz is a congressman. The DOJ investigation is reportedly focusing on whether or not campaign funds were used during any of these transactions. The same investigation is also pursuing a claim that does involve an underage girl. ...
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As outrage over the right ‘s treasonous riots in the Capitol grows, the right seeks to blame “Antifa”

The far-right knows no bounds in its efforts to remain lawless in America a land in which they claim is the land of Law & Order. Amid emerging reports that the crowds who broke into the Capitol were largely Trump supporters; white, violent, and anything but Antifa -- they're looking for someone to blame. Allegations of Antifa involvement first appeared on sites like Gab.com and Parler but were amplified even on the Senate floor thanks to people like Matt Gaetz. Gaetz is a known Trump supporter both in and out of Congress and is a frequent source of misinformation often on very large scales. First and foremost, it's worth mentioning that the nod came from an article in the Washington Times. A source that is often discredited and tends to be very far-right leaning. Gaetz cla...
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