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Feds raid Martin Shrkeli ‘s office, drug CEO resigns
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Feds raid Martin Shrkeli ‘s office, drug CEO resigns

All's well that ends well, er, especially when you're one particular internet villain that nobody truly cares for. Earlier this week, Martin Shrkeli, the infamous Turing CEO who notoriously hikes prices of life-saving drugs was arrested. But unfortunately not for reportedly hiking prices, but, for something much worse. Several reports have uncovered a SEC securities case against Shrkeli in which he is accused of "running a Ponzi scheme" through hedge funds which eventually led into his foray into medicine. According to officials, Shrkeli, is looking at a hefty 20 years if convicted on securities fraud.  As of this writing, it appears that Turing has reportedly hired a new CEO to replace Shrkeli.
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