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Racist cop who killed Laquan Mcdonald sentenced to prison

Jason Van Dyke has learned his fate for the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Laquan Mcdonald. According to reports, Van Dyke, has been sentenced to 81 months in prison for his second degree murder charge. Per the judge's ruling, he, will also be the subject of two additional years supervised release. Mcdonald was slain by Van Dyke in a racially charged killing (for absolutely no reason) in 2014. "This is not pleasant and this is not easy," Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan said. "I certainly have to take into consideration all the feelings. It’s just so senseless that these acts occur and you can see the pain on both sides." Rev. Martin Hunter, Laquan’s great uncle, made it clear that the teen's family believes the sentence "was light".; "It reduces Laquan McDonald’...
This just proves Chicago ‘s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is just as corrupt as ever
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This just proves Chicago ‘s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is just as corrupt as ever

CHICAGO --  Chicago is preparing for a Justice Department investigation after it was reportedly revealed that officials all the like including Mayor Rahm Emanuel -- reportedly knew of; hid, and tried to cover-up police wrongdoing in the death of the black teenager that was shot by Jason Van Dyke in 2014.  McDonald, was shot 16 times. The reports, perhaps,  resulted in numerous claims that Chicago's controversial and often corrupt mayor Rahm Emanuel aided the police department in covering up the truth. Even after, they, uh, tried to erase footage from a Burger King that caught the murder on tape. The problem? Dash cam videos released earlier this month differ greatly from police reports that were released under a lawful order.  The police reports paint a very different account from wh...
Lawyers: Cops in Laquan Mcdonald murder  are “savage liars”
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Lawyers: Cops in Laquan Mcdonald murder are “savage liars”

Surprise Surprise, said no one. According to lawyers in the cop sponsored murder of Laquan Mcdonald, cops "willfully lied; deceived, and made up statements after intimidating witnesses to cover themselves in the illegal shooting death of Laquan Mcdonald". "It's not just the officers on the street," attorney Jeffrey Neslund tells CNN. "It's a lieutenant, a sergeant, and detectives. Lawyers allege that  police detective across the board "held witnesses against their will; threatened to lock them up for good, and demanded that they change their own version of what happened to match official accounts". Per additional reports, one other woman was allegedly held against her will for hours while police demanded that she change her story or "else". In that account, an officer, allegedly told...
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