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Gaga ‘s dogs have been found + an update on Ryan Fischer the dogwalker

Lady Gaga ‘s prized bulldogs have been found. According to the Associated Press, Jonathan Tippet of the Los Angeles PD confirmed to the network over the weekend that they’d been returned to the singer’s home. The LAPD notes that the dogs were returned to the police after a woman showed up who they say had no connection to the robbery in question. Police are still hunting the perps responsibloe for the robbery and the shooting of Gaga ‘s dogwalker. Meanwhile it has been confirmed that Ryan Fischer the dog walker is in stable condition and is fully expected to recover. Fischer ‘s family confirmed to TMZ that he is receiving great care in the hospital. An investigation Into the crime is still ongoing.
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A new video shows the terrifying attack on Lady Gaga ‘s dogwalker

Just a day after Lady Gaga ‘s dog walker was shot and robbed of her dogs — video footage of the attack has actually surfaced online. We can’t show you the footage here due to its graphic nature (but according to CNN, they have it.) The footage appears to show armed men hop out of a car demanding the walker give up the dogs or else. Their faces and identities aren’t quite clear which has led to a $500,000 reward by Lady Gaga herself to have the pooches returned.

Lady Gaga speaks on R. Kelly

Lady Gaga is the latest A-List star to face heavy scrutiny over once having worked with R. Kelly on a song literally titled "Do What You Want" (With My Body). While a rather catchy song, uh, the song apparently was actually a secluded reference to Kelly 's own bizarre behavior. Now, Gaga is issuing an apology to fans and the like. In the statement, Gaga acknowledges that she should have never actually worked with Kelly (who is now under criminal investigation in Georgia). The statement, per People, is pretty bland and generic. "Indefensible" and "wrong" are words that appear throughout the statement.
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