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Nicki Minaj ‘s husband Kenneth Petty has been arrested and is in federal custody

BOOM. It was only a matter of time before Kenneth Petty 's troubling past caught up with him -- no matter how sketch or strange it may be. But according to authorities and the state of California, Kenneth Petty has been arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in the state of CA. It remains unclear as to why he didn't register but that could possibly be because he hasn't left Nicki 's side in weeks. The case stems from a November traffic stop in Beverly Hills last year. At the time, Beverly Hills officers determined that Petty had been a registered sex offender in New York but had not registered in CA. He reportedly surrendered to federal authorities because of that particular case. It is believed he is about to see a judge sometime this evening. It all ...
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Nicki Minaj is officially married to a sex offender, here are 3 things he legally can’t do

Nicki Minaj is officially a married woman but with some pretty contingent stipulations on her new marriage to Mr. Petty. According to reports and social media posts,  Minaj-Petty married Petty recently but did not confirm full dates and details. Let's take a walk down history lane for the newly minted half-criminal couple.    At the age of 16,   Petty was convicted of rape in connection to the case of a young woman whom he led with a "circular object" aimed at her back while being led down a block in Queens. This occurred in 1995.   According to court documents -- the woman claimed that Petty then led her inside of a home nearby that block and raped her against her will. Petty was charged with rape and spent four years in prison for that particular incident.  He was also forced in 1999...
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