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Here’s why people are talking about Azealia Banks

Here’s why people are talking about Azealia Banks

If you thought Azealia Banks was code for a venereal disease, then, perhaps, you can probably be forgiven.  Banks, an American rapper (of sorts),  found herself in hot-water Wednesday after making less than stellar comments about British singer Zayn Malik.   Banks, took it upon herself to think that a tweet from Malik that read "I see you watching but I don't care" was actually about her. But it wasn't. But that didn't stop banks from attacking Zayn on Twitter with gay remarks and racial slurs about his ethnic background (we won't talk about what they were here).  It didn't stop there, no joke, Banks later took to Twitter again (and almost) came for 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson. Jackson, tweeted following the remarks from Banks on Malik that "she needed to simmer down". J...
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