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Afternoon Roundup

Karen Pence just proved she’s daft as fuck and crazy as ever fucking hell

Karen Pence -- one of the most backwards women currently at the forefront of American politics -- is back in the headlines this week. At a Women for Trump event, Pence appeared to suggest that women should "get on their knees" and pray to Trump. ‘Don’t be afraid to get on your knees [and pray for the president],’ Pence told an audience of hundreds who turned out for a ‘Women for Trump’ event in St. Paul. Pence whom has long been questionable herself (on everything from basic human rights; gay rights, and even to her judgement about how others treat women) appears to have forgotten that Trump is literally the worst human being when it comes to women. Last week, it emerged once again that Trump had reportedly sexually assaulted even more women than were previously known. B...
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