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4 Celebs Who Have Rocked The Pink Hair Trend

The Pink Hair trend is most certainly one for the ages, however not everybody can pull it off. Our style team has recently decided to give this a-go (we'll have pics aftere a few days of letting it soak in). Meanwhile, we've rounded up 4 pics of female celebs out recently who have killed the trend without question.
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Photos: Julia Roberts, behind the scenes at new Lancome shoot

Julia Roberts, 50, is no stranger to fabulous  ads and adverts for some of the world's most famous brands. In her latest advert for Lancome, the fabulous actress looks better than ever -- we've got the pictures to show you. Provided by Lancome,  which is set to debut its new short film starring Roberts next month,  the theme is absolutely gorgeous.
Julia Roberts is People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman

Julia Roberts is People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman

In a trend that has continued since at least three years ago. People Magazine released its annual most beautiful edition last night, and, you guessed it, Julia Roberts is on the cover.  Roberts, 49, and a mom of three, says she is "flattered by the announcement" and counts her "beauty" to the love she has for her husband. In her usual quirky manner, Roberts, says that she "is a slow riser" "Like a Thanksgiving dinner roll" per her interview on stands this month.  
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