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America is trying to pass a bill that could dramatically change the lives of the elderly and disabled, it’s hitting roadblocks big time

GOPers in America have made one thing abundantly clear and that is the fact that they don’t want people to live better lives. According to the Huffington Post, Democrats and their spending bill which includews a monster boost to care for the elderly and the disabled are facing major hurdles. Among those hurdles are GOPers and Republicans who want to slash funding for such things in half. Funding that could dramatically improve the lives of your loved ones; your neighbors, and most people you know who are disabled or in care. The services formally known as “home based community services” offer a vital lifeline to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to fully suffice in society on their own (whether due to age or disability.) That lifeline also often includes the basic right th...
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Biden wants to dramatically change the way America talks about race, here’s how he plans to do it

Joe Biden campaigned that he and Kamala Harris want to dramatically reshape law enforcement in America. Now for allot of people that either comes somewhere between a surprise or a bunch of bullshit considering Kamala 's past and Joe 's own past. Lots of Black Americans particularly take issue with the fact that Kamala was at one point a former prosecutor and Joe himself once supported the 1993 crime bill. A crime bill that arguably set the fabric for what would become of the monstrous crime against humanity that would be known as policing in America. Let's outline what Biden plans to do according to his Press Sec and formal executive orders issued as of this writing. Joe Biden has instructed government agencies-wide to put racial equity and fairness at the forefront of their ...
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In first big move, Biden issues tighter COVID rules and a mask mandate

On his first full day in office -- President Biden made it clear that one of his distinct missions is to beat back the Coronavirus as best America can do at this point. According to NBC News, Biden signed a series of executive orders that mandate mask use; increase funding for states to get better at vaccinating their populations, and hopes that the orders will help pave the way for safe re-openings. All international travelers must now have a negative test before entering the United States. "We didn't get into this mess overnight and it is going to take months to get it turned around," he said. "But let me be equally clear, we will get through this, we will defeat this pandemic." The U.S eclipsed 400k COVID related deaths just before Trump left office. As as a result, the B...
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Obituary: Donald Trump ‘s Presidency (2017-2021)

A one term President he was. Though in that one term the reign of Donald Trump caused near irreversible damage to the fabric of American life. A fabric that was defined by nationalism; racism, homophobia, and pro-whiteness. During his tenure Trump and his followers had repeatedly called for the end of things like the BET Awards because they cause divisiveness. But on the same accord often argued for things like the 1776 commission; Patriot studies in schools, and often attempted to disregard and throw to the side anyone who was not white. Trump 's dog-and-pony-show was just that. A dog and pony show that appealed during his tenure to the ugliest part of America. The part of America that has not quite left 1957. The part of America that will say one thing; mean another, and then...

Week(end) Newsy Letter: Lentz begone; Trump ‘s concession, and more as a wild week comes to a close

This is your weekend newsletter. And in this newsletter we might get a little scandalous, so hang on for the ride. Presented by Purple Crown Entertainment, this newsletter comes to you every Sunday to wrap up an eventful weekend (at least as of late.) —- Quack influencer turned pastor Carl Lentz has been fired from Hillsong Church after revelations that he had been banging a woman that wasn’t his wife. Lentz was canned after church officials deemed that he had been morally irresponsible and such was enough to trigger most folks to think he was a bad image for the popular church. Hillsong Church for those that don’t know had long been a celeb hotspot — including Vanessa Hudgens; Justin Bieber and several others. Donald Trump has conceded (almost) the election. In a Twitter st...
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Biden has flipped Georgia Blue for the first time in 28 years

A new CNN projection is out and it all but seals the deal regarding Joe Biden ‘s historic win. According to that project, Biden and Kamala Harris have managed to flip the state of Georgia from Red to Blue a first in more than 28 years. With the latest projection — the final total is now 306 for Biden to Trump ‘s 232 in terms of electoral votes. The numbers and projections come as Trump still refuses to concede, er, and in parts of America has still lodged anti-election lawsuits.
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Former U.S Pres Barack Obama to endorse Joe Biden

This could be a sticky move or it could potentially be a dramatic game changer for Joe Biden. On Tuesday, multiple outlets began circulating near-universally-confirmed reports that Barack Obama is filming a video today formally offering his endorsement of Joe Biden. The Washington Post has more details.
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Biden does a flip: Pres. candidate now pledges to forgive some student loans, lower Medicare age to 60

Americans are talking more than ever about politics, especially now that Bernie Sanders has withdrew from the Presidential race almost universally ensuring Biden 's nomination. But with that nomination --- many have brought up the fact that Biden 's plans couldn't be any further different from what Bernie would've proposed -- but that now appears to be different. According to Biden 's campaign, he now pledges to lower the Medicare age to 60 and to work on allowing certain public student loans to be fully forgiven. Biden made the declarations in a Medium post, which appear to spell out in depth his plans if he were to actually defeat Donald Trump. One of his standout plans that stuck out to us: Biden hopes to forgive students loans for low-and-middle-income families that went to...
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Joe Biden really really *really* hates Medicare for All

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is a candidate that has made it clear that he does not want Medicare for All (probably in fact at all.) In an interview published Friday, the Democratic candidate had this to say when questioned as to whether or not he believed Medicare for All would've at least helped further slow the Coronavirus pandemic. “If you had Medicare for all option now, it still has to be implemented by the federal government,” the former veep told ABC News during an interview Thursday. “Look, here’s the point, the idea that this would have stopped the virus from occurring, the idea it would have been able to be implemented earlier, the idea it wold have fundamentally changed anything is just not accurate,” Biden continued when asked whether the private sector ...
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Exploring @JoeBiden ‘s 1994 Crime Bill

There's a lot of chatter about the so-called 1994 Crime Bill (that arguably and quite often led to extreme cases of minority-led incarceration in the United States). For those that aren't aware -- yes Joe Biden was one of the original Senators who wrote (or in part wrote/had a part in) this bill. It is not something that he has in-depth discussed yet on the road to the 2020 campaign. This bill was also partially inspired by the 1993 Waco Siege.  In this particular instance, white criminals engaged in the armed fire with government agents on a Waco ranch.  It effectively began the conquest of private prison systems to lay the groundwork; open for business, load prisoners, and repeat. And at often times, prisons like so many have would intentionally expand to hold more prisoners. We'd l...
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