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Friends cast making boku bucks decades on

Thanks in part (actually in all) to syndication. According to Market Watch, each of the top four Friends cast members are raking in $20m a year in syndication. And with Netflix keeping the show on their platform into next year, presumably, their earnings will go much higher next year according to analysts.
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Apple is finally getting into the “television wars”

Apple is sort of finally, well, actually truthfully getting into the television wars.  According to reports,  Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are preparing to star in a yet-to-be-titled T.V show for Apple about a morning show gone horribly wrong. The show has yet to be titled, and, marks Aniston's first actual return to T.V in years.    The news of the reported T.V show comes just days after  Apple's latest iPhone X came to be (and it was pretty amusing to see people's reactions online). Per Apple, the show "will draw on those who help America wake up every morning".
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