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A long and painful history on scam artist Jacob Wohl

Conservatism used to be about traditional values; believing in something real, and sticking by your family -- but these days its about conning; fabricating ridiculous claims and more. Usually all in the name of infamy and money. Enter: Jacob Wohl, 21, perhaps one of the most notorious con artists we've ever had the pleasure of writing about. Wohl has been conning people since the dawn-of-time as multiple "fake" types of people. A fake hedge fund manager; a fake conservative, a fake investor, a laughable political pundit, and more. But these days Wohl 's claims are so bizarre that one must wonder what really is going on with Jacob himself. Enter: Congresswoman Omar, an openly Muslim member of Congress, who appears to have caught the cross-hairs of Trump 's poster boy for false information...
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