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In India, another teen is raped and terrifyingly born alive [Report]

Indian officials have confirmed that a young woman has died this week after an apparent rape  and  being burned alive.  The BBC subsequently reports that while the woman hasn't been identified, her attacker, has.   Reports indicate that the woman apparently told  her would-be husband (although she later told the man that she would not marry him)  that she would not keep quiet at the fact he had raped her. This is actually the third crime of such kind in India in less than a week.  CNN  additionally reports that  the girls' cousin had told Ravi Chadhar (her attacker) that she was home alone. Both individuals have been arrested for  the crime. Other similar crimes took place in Jharkhand, with one of the girls, 17, surviving in critical condition with burns to 70% of her body....
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