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Catch up: If you missed #InaugurationDay watch it here and feel the feels of a new day

The Inauguration finally happened and its a refreshing feeling worldwide. Catch up right here. Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris are officially the VP and President after a whirlwind day of celebrations and joy throughout the streets of America and beyond. https://www.bazaardaily.co.uk/aiovg_videos/the-inauguration-of-joseph-r-biden-and-kamala-harris-has-arrived/
2020 U.S Elections

Obituary: Donald Trump ‘s Presidency (2017-2021)

A one term President he was. Though in that one term the reign of Donald Trump caused near irreversible damage to the fabric of American life. A fabric that was defined by nationalism; racism, homophobia, and pro-whiteness. During his tenure Trump and his followers had repeatedly called for the end of things like the BET Awards because they cause divisiveness. But on the same accord often argued for things like the 1776 commission; Patriot studies in schools, and often attempted to disregard and throw to the side anyone who was not white. Trump 's dog-and-pony-show was just that. A dog and pony show that appealed during his tenure to the ugliest part of America. The part of America that has not quite left 1957. The part of America that will say one thing; mean another, and then...
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