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A Harlem man has died after being randomly pushed onto the subway tracks by a naked dancing man

Violence throughout New York City is presently at levels not seen in several years. The latest incident an incident that joins a spike in those kinds has made headlines. According to reports --- the naked man believed to be from Harlem is dead this weekend after being pushed onto the subway tracks near 110th and Central Park. Police say that the man was shoved onto the tracks just after 4pm local time on Saturday by a naked dancing man who had been irritating subway riders on the platform moments before. Multiple witnesses told police that the man had been entirely nude and had been trying to dance near people despite social distancing rules in place. Rules that for the most part New Yorkers are following. This incident is perhaps one of the bizarre ones compared to the rec...
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The Classical Theater of Harlem The Bacchae Review

In New York City, there are several parks renowned for its cultural activities.  Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park Richard Rogers Amphitheater comes to life, this season with its annual outdoor Shakespeare in the Park. This summer presentation by The Classical Theater of Harlem invites New Yorkers to ponder over Freedom, Ecstasy, Anarchy vs Law, Order, and Control…who wins? Rather, who survives in The Bacchae. First produced in 405 BC, Euripides' Bacchae tells the ancient story of the arrival of Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication, in Greece. When Dionysus comes to the city of Thebes, he liberates the people from their homes, sending the citizens - dancing and drinking - into the hills. A young king, named Pentheus, tries to subdue the revelry and restore order to his city, waging ...
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Harlem police under fire for sudden increased police presence

HARLEM — You hear that? If you haven’t been living under a rock, and you are or live near Harlem, you’ve probably noticed that the neighborhood is suddenly crawling with police  almost daily.    Beginning near Adam Clayton Boulevard and surround both sides of the neighborhood, now, at almost any given time of the day — you can spot at least two police officers. The Daily News was first alerted to this particular Harlem-story after readers posed the question to us on Facebook, wondering, why they were suddenly in the presence of more police than usual. “It’s weird and it makes us feel uncomfortable, because, now they’re always literally watching”  says one local Mom who preferred to remain anonymous. We did manage to confirm the claim.   During a recent visit to a Jamaican restaura...
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