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America has a hard on for prison this 76-year-old woman is only one of thousands of non-violent examples

America's love affair with the prison system is often so grand that nobody can quite wrap their head around why America depends on its prison system more than any other country on earth. But this week we've learned of yet another case of prison-hard-ons after a 76-year-old woman in a clerical error was sent back to federal prison for going to ... class. According to USA Today (paywall, so we won't link it), the 76-year-old woman reportedly attended a computer class on 12 June hoping to brush up on her skills now that she had been granted the right to finish her 24 year non-violent sentence for heroin possession at home. The woman was not violent and had only been caught with heroin back in the day according to reports and court records. The woman has been identified as Gwen L...
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